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We are a raiding guild that also maintains a strong emphasis on enjoying the raiding experience, as well as the rest of the game. We are NOT a bunch of elitist pricks who only accept uber geared, experienced members with no lives. We value a fun, mature, and enjoyable atmosphere as much as we value being successful raiders.

We do take our raiding seriously, and we pride ourselves on being very disciplined and precise. Because we typically spend half to a third the amount of time raiding as the hardcore raid guilds, we work hard to make the most of our time. We pull fast, we learn fast, and we expect our members to do their homework, and make sufficient raid preparations to bring their "A" game. End game raiding takes gear, skill, and devotion. Though we welcome members with varying gear levels and experience, we do expect them to be ready to listen, learn, and work hard to advance. We are not interested in loot whores, or lazy players who want a free ride.

Most of our members are adults with families, jobs, and real life responsibilities. Our roster system provides our members with flexibility and choice. We have members who raid only one day per week, and others member who will raid almost any night there is one available. In this way we seek to maintain the "best of both worlds":

A successful, high end raiding guild that is ALSO a group of friends who enjoy one another's company, and also enjoy the experience together.

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